This Is #1

The worlds first ever curated Bitcoin NFT Marketplace

The Future is Now

This Is Number One are the team behind the worlds first ever curated Bitcoin NFT Marketplace. The platform launched in early 2021 with a host of internationally recognised global superstars like Fatboy Slim, Cara Delevingne, Dave Stewart (Eurythmics) and Chemical X.

We created a WordPress website showcasing the #1 work and allowing users to connect their Web3 wallets, mint new NFTs and more.

Portfolio Desktop Screen

You sir, are a f***ing marvel! Top notch work.

- Chemical X
World First
The first curated Bitcoin Marketplace ever, all on a custom WordPress website
Crypto Wallet
Stacks wallet integration allowing new art to be easily purchased and minted directly on Blockchain
Loyalty System
Custom-made fan loyalty system and API to reward fans for minting new artwork
My #1
User showcase to view and share wallet contents and art collections

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