72 Seasons Digital Activation

Relive the soundtrack to your first 72 seasons

As one of the most influential and iconic rock bands of all time, we had to create something special for Metallica.

The album title ‘72 Seasons’ comes from the first 18 years of a person’s life and how identities and tastes are formed in this critical time period.

To bring this concept alive for fans we developed the ‘My 72 Seasons’ website and Spotify playlist generator in collaboration with The Creative Corporation.

A highly impressive playlist activation that shows data and analytics do not have to be dry and can be way for consumers to discover new music

- Music:ally
Spotify API
Analyses user listening history using the Spotify API
HTML5 Animation
Custom animations that work across all devices, creating a more engaging activation
Increase Streaming
Auto follow Spotify artists and increases stream counts
Music Discovery
Users discover new music and explore their listening habits

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