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Pop Perfection

Katy Perry is arguably one of the biggest artists of all time.

It was a pleasure to work with The Creative Corporation produce the official website following the release of Katy’s album ‘Witness’ and multiple subsequent Digital Campaigns promoting ‘Smile’ and the 10th anniversary of the iconic ‘Teenage Dream’.


We developed an immersive digital experience that allowed fans to explore Katy Perry’s latest album in new ways. Users could visit a dedicated WordPress powered website where each album and track was represented by a visually stunning interactive artwork. Clicking on each artwork revealed behind-the-scenes content, song lyrics and more.

Follow up campaigns included a custom Spotify playlist generator, a Twitter album reveal, a 3D microsite game and viral eCard tool, all driving organic reach.

Engagement Surge

The interactive album experience received millions of visits within the first week of launch. Users spent an average of 8 minutes exploring the content, demonstrating high engagement.

Social Media Growth

Katy Perry’s social media following saw a substantial increase during the campaign. Her Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok accounts collectively gained over 2 million new followers.

User-Generated Content

The social media alone generated thousands of user-generated posts, expanding Katy Perry’s digital footprint and increasing her online relevance.

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